Tramadol: A Painkiller that will manage your Pain with Care

Has anybody skipped from the sensation of pain? This feeling is common irrespective of the age. The feeling and the intensity of pain can be only felt by the one who is suffering or dealing with it.  There isn’t any measuring instrument that can really measure the depth of pain.

By the way how about if we had a measuring instrument? If could have easily made the other person release the agony we are in. well, this is really not possible, so let’s just keep in our imagination.

Well, when we have this irritating sensation, we cannot even focus on our work, not even we can eat and sleep peacefully, as we know this feeling is crushing us from inside.

Pain does not only create discomfort in your body, but this also makes us break emotionally. As we go through the various day to day activities, the problem of pain will be common and clearly visible in our lives.

Let’s see the most common type of pain, that we all have faced or we are a part of-

    A headache- this is the most common type of pain sensation. This can arise due to various reasons like- blood pressure, migraine, stress etc

    Back pain- this pain type is seen more common among the women or the person who is overweight. Now talking about back pain, the spinal cord is related to this

    Joint pain- this type of pain are seen common among the aged people. They face this pain due to lack of calcium in their bone. And sometimes we can see this among the younger generation; due to lack of nutrition they suffer this pain

    Muscle pain – when there is a muscle stretched more than the normal, this gives rise to muscle pain. This can generally happen due to over uses of physical activity.

    Neck pain- this pain can be seen common among people with a headache. The reason for this pain is due to the improper sleeping postures. Some people suffer this due to spondylitis

These are some basic types of pain that are seen common among people. When we have the feeling of pain, for immediate relief we look for painkillers. Now to grab a painkiller, it is advisable to take a proper suggestion of the doctor, because these drugs are a prescribed one.

Introduction to Ultram

Tramadol is a prescribed pain med that is that comes as a brand version of the generic Ultram in the market. The pain med serves as a great relief for chronic pain. It is a man-made painkiller that can treat moderate to moderately severe pain.  For the post-surgical pain, this pain med serves the best and effective treatment.

The good thing about this pain med is that it is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs). This pain med does not increase the risk of internal bleeding or stomach ulcers which is seen commonly in many NSAIDs.

So now with the advent of technology and social marketing sites, you can grab the pain med online. You can easily buy Tramadol online from your preferred online med stores.

Tramadol Ingredient

The active substance or the component present in the pain med is – Tramadol hydrochloride

The other ingredient present is- pregelatinized starch, microcrystalline, magnesium stearate

The shell of the Tramadol capsule is made of- indigo carmine, gelatin, titanium dioxide, iron oxide

Let’s know how exactly Tramadol works?

Before we know the working action of the pain med Researchers and doctors have stated that the pain med works similar to that of Morphine.  Like any other pain med, it also stops the pain sensation from reaching the head of the CNS that is the brain
We receive signals through the brain, and accordingly, we work or act. So if the pain signal is stopped from reaching the brain. We won't feel the sensation right.

The pain med treats moderate to severe pain. It binds the receptors in the brain which is responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain from the body to the brain.   The painkiller primarily works by acting on the brain. It blocks the sensation of the pain from communicating with the brain and passing the message of pain. 

The effect of the pain med depends on the time taken by blood to absorb the medicine.  It begins once it gets absorbed into the blood. If you take a dose of 100 mg of Tramadol, this will take two hours to get absorbed into the blood. Once it gets absorbed in the blood properly, the effectiveness then after.

Side effects of Tramadol

As the painkillers give instant relief, in the same way, it gives as an instant adverse effect.  Side-effects and pain med are basically related and associated, the side effect can be less or it can be more than it. So let’s know see and know about the side-effects of Tramadol. This include-

    Dry mouth
    Loss of appetite
    Trouble of breathing