Tramadol: A Shooter Painkiller

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a pain reliever that relieves us from the suffering of pain. This pain med is sold as a brand version of the generic Ultram. The painkiller treats moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol works best for both chronic and acute pain. This pain med is a synthetic painkiller that means it is man-made.

Painkillers are those groups of medicines or drugs that are given under the prescription of a doctor. These medicines give instant relief to a person suffering from pain. But, with the boon effects, painkillers come with huge bane effect or we say adverse effects.  Painkillers can make a person addictive and leads to dependency.

A short History of pain meds

Tracing the history of the painkillers, opiates were used for both medicinal as well as the recreational purpose for thousands of years. The active substance present in opiate is Morphine. Now, Morphine is a very effective and a powerful painkiller but it is very addictive. Back in the sixteenth century, opium prepared in an alcoholic solution, laudanum was used as a painkiller.

During the American, Civil War Morphine was widely used as a painkiller.  Morphine was the first extracted from opium in a pure form in the marking of the nineteenth century. After the use of Morphine by the soldiers, 5they became addicted to the pain med. 
 In the year 1905, the US Congress banned opium and the year passed the Pure Food and Drug Act, which required labeling of the contents of all the medicines.
Thereafter new painkillers came on the market with approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Working Action of Tramadol

 All the pain meds work by blocking the direction of the perceiving pain from reaching the brain. Tramadol too works in the same manner. Researchers and doctors have stated saying, Tramadol works similar to that of Morphine.  The painkiller binds the receptors in the brain which is responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain from throughout the body to the brain.  The painkiller there only stops the sensation of pain form communicating with the brain, hence causing a relieving effect.
It is a narcotic and a man-made pain reliever and is available in the market in various forms such as tablets, suspensions, capsules extended-release, tablets extended- release. But the pain med is a prescribed drug, which means only with a proper doctor’s prescription you can avail the medicine.  In the prescription, the amount of dosage and the duration of time of drug must be jotted properly.

Who are debarred from using the pain med?

There are certain cases or health in which a person is not suggested to choose the painkiller. This includes-
    If you are a breastfeeding lady, then better not to use the medicine, as it might have an effect on your newborn baby
    If you are someone with a blockage on stomach or intestine, then also you should not grab this medicine.
    A person with severe asthma or breathing problem should also not use the medicine
    The pain med is not suggested for anyone who is less than 18 years of age
    People who had a history of drug abuse and drug addiction should also not come in contact with the pain med