Tramadol: A painkiller to Encounter Body Pain


Tramadol is an improved and an effective painkiller that is used for treating pain. The painkiller is a prescribed drug that is suggested by the doctor to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. The pain med comes as a brand version of the generic Ultram.

Pain is that unwanted and irritating sensation that no one wants to bear or continue. Pain not only troubles us physically but it also hampers us mentally. When a person suffers from a body pain for a long period of time, this makes him or her depressed and even morally down. Painkillers are the substance that reliefs us from pain. A painkiller comes with both boon and bane effect, if it has a good effect, the bad effects is also associated with it. That is why is it always advisable to take or grab a pain med under the doctor’s supervision.


Tramadol is a pain med that works amazingly well for both chronic and acute pain. These are two different types of pain. Acute pain is something that can knock you down anytime while you are busy or engrossed in some physical activity. Acute pain is that it lasts is for three to six months and not more. Athletes are the ones who face and encounter acute pain.

Whereas chronic pain is a type which lasts for more than six months, at the time this pain goes or continues for a year causing suffering in a person. This pain can be a result of any surgery or accident.

Tramadol is a narcotic and a man-made pain reliever which is available in the market in various forms such as tablets, suspensions, capsules extended-release, tablets extended- release. Looking into the harness of the pain and the treating the issues, your doctor can suggest you any of the forms of the pain that you will be comfortable taking in. 

Tramadol works similar to Morphine

 The entire painkiller works in the same way; they block the sensation of the perceiving pain from reaching the brain. Tramadol too works in the same way. It binds the receptors in the brain which is responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain from throughout the body to the brain.  The painkiller there only stops the sensation of pain form communicating with the brain, hence causing a relieving effect.  It is also assumed that the painkiller works exactly to that of Morphine. So the working mechanism of both Morphine and the pain meds goes same, as it is explained above.

What are the Side-Effects associated with the pain-med?

As it is a pain med, so having a side effect is much known? People know that taking a painkiller is associated with facing some adverse effects. But if the medicine is taken under a proper supervision of the doctor, then these ill-effects can be tolerated. Some of the side-effects of the pain med are-

    Itching or some allergic reactions
    A feeling of nervousness and sometimes even nausea