Nuvigil: A Drug with a New Dimension of an Active life


Activeness and alertness are the two important keys to a balanced life. To maintain a life both in the home and also at the workplace a person has to be alert and good going.  Looking smart will go futile if you aren’t smart enough handling and dealing with your work. The appearance comes second the things that move a person ahead is the swiftness and his or her activeness.

What will you do with your outer appearance if you are not capable enough to put yourself in this fast technology world?  With the advancement of science and technology, things have become manually easy but have increased the pressure on the brain. As this is a technology era so to gel up with the modernity one has to be smart enough in copping up with the stuff.

Some people fail to deal and tackle with this advancement because they are lazy and turn unproductive. Excessive sleep disorder is one of the reasons for this laziness. This disorder can lure a person to doze off at any point in time. This may also happen while you are engrossed in some important work or activity. This can turn dangerous if you doing something which requires attention as well as alertness and suddenly involuntarily you fall into the trap of sleep. This can be really dangerous right? Because sometimes a person does not even realize that he or she is going in the clutch of sleep.

How to Improve Brain health?

The brain is one of the important organs that keep us working and in coordination. To keep the brain health in good condition is very much important. This is the only organ which takes up so much pressure in keeping us moving and handling everything. Smart drugs are that miracle stimulant that works as a fuel to the brain and enriches the brain cognitive function of an individual. The medicine belonging to this group are also called as ‘wakefulness- promoting agents’ as this controls the sleep and wake cycle in a person.

Nuvigil as an effective Smart Pill

Nuvigil is one such drug from the family of the wakefulness-promoting agent. This is an oral prescribed medicine that is given to patients and individuals suffering from the excessive sleep disorder. The medicine comes as a brand version of the generic Armodafinil (pure and a targeted version of Modafinil). The drug treats the sleep disorder that is caused due to obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome and even the shift work sleep disorder. These are some of the dangerous reasons that make a person a prey to an excessive sleep disorder.

Nuvigil not only handles the sleep disorder but it also effects and develops and improves the brains cognitive as well as the executive function. The drug comes with a half-life of good 12 t o15 hours. So now with just one pill, you are good to go for a good couple of hours.