A General Idea on Hypersomnia


What is Excessive sleepiness or Hypersomnia?

Excessive sleepiness or what more commonly is known as Hypersomnia is an issue or condition in person where the person has a lot of problem or trouble in staying awake an activity during the daytime. Any person suffering from excessive sleepiness can fall asleep during any moment of time during the daytime.
It is actually possible for a patient to fall asleep at any time which may be at work or even while they are driving a vehicle. Another issue they suffer from is having other such sleep-related problems. They might also suffer from lack of energy and might not be able to think or come to any conclusion clearly.
According to a study, at least 40 percent of the total world population has got some symptoms of excessive sleep disorder or hypersomnia.

What are the possible Causes of Hypersomnia?

There are several reasons that may lead to excessive sleepiness or Hypersomnia. These may include-
    Sleep deprivation which is caused due to lack of proper sleep at night
    Overweight or obesity is also among the reasons
    Another type of sleep disorder which is narcolepsy also leads to hypersomnia
    Sleep apnea which is a breathing problem during sleep leads to hypersomnia during the daytime
    Excessive use or illegal use of drugs and alcohol
    Hypersomnia may also because genetically
    Injuries to the head or some neurological disease
    Some prescription drug use may also be a cause

How Hypersomnia Diagnose?


A patient in who is feeling drowsy consistently during the day should talk to the doctor for diagnosing if they are suffering from hypersomnia. The doctor during the diagnosis will inquire about the patient’s sleeping habits and how much of sleep he or she gets during the night time. The doctor will also inquire if the patient stays awake during the night then how much of sleep he gets during the day.

The doctor might also ask the person about all the emotional problems along with the medicines the person is taking which may lead to excessive sleepiness.
The diagnosis by the doctor may further include tests such as blood tests, sleep tests such as polysomnography and computed tomography. An additional such as electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures the electrical activity of the brain, may also be conducted.

How Is Hypersomnia Treated?

After it is found that a person is suffering from hypersomnia then the doctor may prescribe certain drugs which will include antidepressants, stimulants as well as types of smart drugs.
Many times after the patients are found to have sleep apnea, the doctor prescribes Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) as treatment. With this, the patient has to wear a mask on his or her nose during sleep and with the help of a machine continuous air is supplied to the patient’s nostrils. This method helps the patient to breathe during sleep without any difficulties.

The doctor might further change a certain medication that leads the patient to drowsiness during the daytime as well. It will further be suggested that the patient goes to bed early and along with this it is also advised that the patient eliminates the usage of drinks containing alcohol and caffeine.