Nuvigil: To enrich the Brain Productivity


Narcolepsy or excessive sleep disorder is something which is being faced widely now. This is because, with the developed and fast technology, our brain is getting tired and drained. Like we care for our physical health and discomfort, it is right time that we should also think for our brain health now. The brain is considered as the master of the CNS that is the Central Nervous System, so too increases and enhances the productivity of the brain smart drugs or Nootropic are available in the market. Nuvigil is one such drug which will enhance your brain productivity and will help you to fight with narcolepsy.

Nuvigil comes as a brand version of Armodafinil which is the active ingredient present in the pills.  This is a prescribed oral medication which is given to patients and individual who suffer or have to deal with an excessive sleep disorder. Some of the reasons that contribute to this sleep disorder are- obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome and shift work sleep disorder.  Nuvigil can treat the sleep disorder effectively and will make you feel active and light. You will again regain your confidence both at the workplace and at your home.

Talking about the mechanism of Nuvigil, it is the neurons in the brain makes people sleepy, so when a person takes Nuvigil it inhibits the neurons from shutting down, as a result, it causes a wake-promoting neuron to boost the brain. Thus in this way, it controls the sleep and the wake cycle in a person. This miracle smart drug not only promotes wakefulness but it also treats various diseases such as ADHA, Weight loss, Cocaine addiction etc. you can now easily buy Nuvigil online from any online pharmacy store of your preference.

The Advantages of the pill

The smart pill comes with amazing goodness and advantages that will surely lure you to grab the medicine. The benefits of the pill include-

•    The drug enhances the mental performance
•    Also, it is used to treat depression, ADDA, ADHD, etc.
•    The effectiveness of Nuvigil 150 mg is higher than the other smart pills
•    FDA has approved Nuvigil 150 mg as a smart pill.
•    It gives an instant kick to neurons and thus is a great brain booster.
•    Helps to fuel your brain when it reaches the exhaust level
•    The medication is generally prescribed for duration of 12 weeks, and not more

 Side effects of the smart pill

With the good, comes the bane or the ill effects of the pill. So to avoid the side effects, it is thus important to take the medicine under the supervision of a doctor. The ill-effects includes-

•    Headache
•    Stomach upset
•    Feeling of dizziness
•    Anxiety
•    Nervousness
•    Nausea
•    Sometimes a feeling of confusing