An Ultimate Solution to Erectile Dysfunction


What is Levitra?

Levitra is a drug that is used for treating diseases or issues such as impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. This drug has the capacity to increase the flow of blood in the penis.
This medicine is not available as a generic drug or medicine. One has to get a prescription from a licensed doctor to obtain and use this drug as there might be some side effects from this medicine as well.

However the drug does not work as a medicine to prevent Human Immune Virus (HIV) or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and for this reason usage of a condom after having this medicine is recommended.

The Side effects

Levitra similar to every other such drug too has some side effects and the most common side effects caused by this drug are-

•    Diarrhea
•    Headache
•    Low blood pressure
•    Low blood pressure
•    Facial flushing
•    Symptoms such as flu
•    Low blood pressure
•    Priapism
•    Upset stomach or issues related to digestion
•    Nausea
•    Changes in vision related to colour 
•    Pain in the chest

Once a patient has an experience of any of these side effects or in a special case the patient experiences priapism, he should immediately inform the doctor. The patient or the user must also seek immediate medical attention if by any means he experiences an erection of more than 4 hours after using the drug.

Some patients may also experience sudden hearing loss, dizziness and ringing in the ears but these are not very common. Still, the user should inform a doctor if these side effects are seen to avoid harmful consequences.

Further, in order to prevent the increase of any side effects, experts suggest the drinking grape juice or eating grapes should highly be avoided by the user.

What is the dosage?

At the beginning, the dosage for a person is recommended to be 10 mg per day and he has to take it before at least 60 minutes before getting indulged in the sexual activities or intercourse and if he after using 10 mg does not experience any sort of side effects, his dosage can be increased to 20 mg for better results. But, if the patient has an experience of any side effects, then his dosage should be reduced to 5 mg after consulting a doctor.

However, people who are aged above 65 years should take only 5 mg in the beginning and it should not overdose.

It is further recommended that the user should be taking this medicine at least an hour before having an intercourse and the user should overdose the prescribed limit a day. The drug should be allowed to be disintegrated by itself and it should never be swallowed with water like other medicines.
It is needed that the patients should clearly tell his doctor about all the other drugs with complete details that he is using. Usage of other drugs somehow may increase the concentration of Levitra in the blood. This might result in side effects or it may also be possible for the other drugs to decrease the effects of this drug or in some cases permanently stop the working effects of Levitra.
Doctors further suggest Levitra should not be used by people who are suffering from issues related to chest pain or angina as there might.
The medicine should be used by men alone and not by women as it is not fit for women at any cost.