Tramadol a Comfort to Pain


Tramadol has gained popularity among the masses of being a very effective painkiller. The pain med comes under the brand name of Ultram.  The pain med is a narcotic-like pain reliever which deals with moderate to moderately severe pain. It is effective for both acute and chronic pain. The pain reliever works by changing the direction of the perceiving pain in the body and the brain thus controls the pain.

 The painkiller works in both acute and chronic pain, acute pain is something that starts suddenly and basically it is for a short period, once the acute pain leaves the body, a person is good to go for the rest of life. Whereas; chronic pain is more troublesome and it lasts for prolonged time. The pain med is available in various forms such as- tablets, capsules, injections and liquid drops. You can also now buy Tramadol online from an online pharmacy store of your choice.

 The pain med binds the receptors in the brain which is responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain from the body to the brain. Tramadol can only be used with a doctor’s close supervision as it is a controlled substance if it is abused it can be habit-forming and can be dangerous. Tramadol is often used as a part of a combination therapy which means the medicine should be taken with other medications.

How you can dose the pain med

It is advisable to take the painkiller under the proper supervision of a doctor, knowing and considering your condition, the doctor will prescribe you the dose. Here is the general guideline as to how you can dose the medicine-

•    The recommended dose of the pain med is 50- 100 mg; the dose can be increased or decreased by the doctor. You can take the medicine every four to six hours as per your level of pain
•    The maximum dose that can be raised is 400 mg
•    The pain med can be taken with food or even without food
•    Do not crush or chew the pill, swallow the tablet as a whole
•    Never mix Tramadol with alcohol; this would result in a fatal reaction
•    Never overdose the medicine, take how much you are asked by your doctor and for that long only
•    Do not stop using the pain med suddenly; this may have some withdrawal symptom. Ask your doctor and consult properly.

Side effects

Tramadol comes with certain side effects. If you consult your doctor properly then the level of the ill effect can be less or sometimes tolerable. The common side effects are-

•    Indigestion
•    Constipation
•    Dizziness
•    Headache
•    Euphoria
•    Spasticity
•    Weakness
•    Drowsiness
•    Vomiting
•    Nausea