Artvigil: A Fuel for Brain Managing Function

What is Artvigil?

Artvigil is a type of smart drug which is used for the treatment of people having a sleep disorder or to increase energy and activeness in people. This drug is availed to people after it is prescribed by licensed doctor after consultation,

Patients who have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night and feel sleepy the next day or people who have sleep disorders of different types can also try this treatment after proper consultation.

Benefits of the pill

It helps the patient to be active and have more productivity in their daily activities.  This can be used to treat laziness as well or give a person enough energy that feels lazy or feels that he or she has lack of energy but it is recommended that the drug is taken only after the doctor prescribes after the needed tests.

It works very well in treating sleep disorders, improving the brain’s capacity to function and keeping the user active. It helps by working as a wakefulness agent among people by keeping them active. It increases a significant amount of energy in the user and keeps one very active helping them to focus better on the task the user is up to.


As per usual prescription, a doctor would prescribe a patient a dosage of 150 mg per day which is about 50 mg less than other such drugs but as per experts and patients, it comparatively works better. Overdosing on Artvigil is not recommended at all and it should be taken only as per the prescription provided by the doctor.

Side effects

There are certain side effects which are-

1.    Headaches
2.    Fatigue
3.     Dizziness
4.    Nausea
5.     Insomnia
6.    Loss Appetite (rarely)

It may also be possible to see the allergic reaction but that is quite rare but no side effects is life threatening and none of the side effects are extremely harmful.

Effects Long-term use

After a person uses it for a very long time it is said that the effects of the drug decrease as the body gets used to it and later the effects do not remain the same. It is advisable to skip the medicine for a while.

However, there are no side effects seen if it is used for a short-term period and it is advised that after the doctor prescribes this drug, it does not overdose. The patient should use the drug before an hour they initiate with any important activity. Using this before an exam or important game raises

It, however, should not be consumed by people having heart disease as it may be harmful but consulting a doctor may be advisable if someone desires using the drug.

It can also treat Narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and other related diseases.

The effect of this drug usually lasts for more than 12-14 hours after the consumption.