Soma pill: A muscle relaxant


What is Soma pill?

Soma pill is the generic form of Carisoprodol which belongs to the group of drugs known as muscle relaxants. This pain med works by blocking the connection of nerves with the brain and stops the sensation of pain from reaching the brain hence, causing a relief effect.

 Soma pill is a good muscle reliever and it is very effective and instant in acute pain. Acute pain is something that occurs suddenly during an activity. It comes as a surprise and gives us a feeling of discomfort. Commonly caused acute pain is overstretching a knee or waist or an ankle. As Soma pill is very useful in acute pain, this can be a helping hand in such discomfort.

How Soma pill work on pain?

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that blocks the pain sensation between the nerves and the brain. It modulates the neurotransmitters present in the spinal cord and the reticular formation in the brain.

 The main purpose of the pain med is to stop pain sensation from reaching the brain. Carisoprodol is used with rest and physical therapy which treats the skeletal muscle conditions such as injury or pain. This is how exactly it reliefs us from the pain.

Soma pill is class IV controlled drug. This muscle relaxant is not permitted in the market of some countries because it has addictive properties. But the pain med is not classified as a narcotic.  So it is advisable to take the medicine under a doctor’s supervision.

How to take?

Before you start with the dose, it is always advisable for you to follow your doctor’s prescription. This is a general idea about how to dose the medicine-

•    You can usually take this pain med for three times a day and also at bedtime.
•    Go with your doctor’s prescription while taking the amount of the medication; do not go for a large amount or a small amount unless you are advice to
•    Soma pill should be used for only a short span of time say for two to three weeks, until and unless your doctor tells you to continue

One very important point to remember, Soma pill can be Habit- forming so, never share the medicine with any other person, especially with someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. This can form a habit-forming if those people come in contact with the medicine.

Medicine you should avoid

Here is the list of the medicines that you should use while you are on Soma pill to avoid serious interactions-

•    Allergy medicines
•     Cough and cold syrups
•    Muscle relaxants
•    Alcohol
•    Antidepressants
•    Opioids
•    Meproprobamate, tybamate, mebutamate
•    Sedatives

These are some list of the medicines that you should not take while you are on Carisoprodol.