Painkillers: Uses and Side Effects

What is Pain?

Pain can be defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience related with actual or potential tissue damage. Pain can not only be called as physical sensation as it can influence by attributes and social factors which can affect emotional and mental well being. We use painkillers to get rid of the pain. In our daily life, we have to face various types of pains. We also have lots of works to do which are our daily duties. We cannot escape from our duties by showing the excuse of pain.

Pain is very irritating and unpleasant feeling. You may have to face pain at any time, when you are in the office or when you are preparing to sleep. In these situations, we cannot go to the doctor immediately. So for temporary relief, we can take painkillers. Painkillers can give us instant quick relief from pain. But remember; don’t use it for long period of time. Some might say painkillers are addictive but what makes it addictive?

Proper use of painkillers won’t make you addictive. When you tempt to use any medication more than the required dosage or taking it for a longer period of time the tendency of addiction arises. The side effects can be of various reasons not only due to overdose.

How Painkillers works?

The mechanism of action for painkillers are in such way that, when you are injured the special nerve endings send messages to the brain and painkillers interfere with those messages either at the site of the injury, the spinal cord or the brain itself.

Side Effects

Every medication has got its own side effects but, why does side effects arises?
Side Effects may arise due to various reasons. It may be due to overdose, allergic reaction, medical history etc. Some of the side effects of Painkillers are:
  •          Skin rashes
  •          Difficulty in urinating                                                
  •       Constipation
  •          Blurred vision
  •          Dry mouth
  •          Drowsiness
  •          Confusion

Commonly Used Painkillers

Using painkillers is not choices, they are requirements. Painkillers are not for the purpose of getting relief from pain. Some of the commonly used painkillers are:- Soma Pill and Tramadol.
Soma Pill is well known for its affects on pain. It is also known as muscle relaxer. It is very effective on acute pain. The generic name of Soma is Carisoprodol. Soma Pill is a day to day use painkiller.
Tramadol is a painkiller which is especially for severe pain, it gives instant pain relief. The brand name for Tramadol is ULTRAM. Tramadol is a narcotic drug which is used to treat severe pain.

Symptoms of Overdose

Overdose of any medication is not what anyone would suggest, it is strictly restricted. Overdose can create various problems or side effects. Some of the symptoms of Overdose are:
  •          Drowsiness
  •          Mood swings
  •          Lack of Concentration
  •          Depression
  •          Constipation
  •          Breathing problem
  •          Hallucinations

These are the commonly arising symptoms of Overdose of painkillers. It is advised to consult a Doctor as soon as possible if you get any of these symptoms.