Modvigil a Miracle Smart Drug

Modvigil is a brain enhancer that helps individuals who suffer from a sleep disorder. This is caused due to excessive daytime sleepiness, obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder. This smart drug is a blessing to those who fall in the tap of excessive sleepiness during their work course. To be active and alert is very much important in today’s world where the whole system is moving ahead, you can’t afford to be lazy. This smart drug can perk up your mental energy, alertness along with enhancing the executive function of the brain.

Modvigil is considered as the alternative to Modafinil. The smart drug works effectively in the system with very minimum withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who suffer from ADHA/ADD can also use Modvigil to enhance their study habits and increase their concentration level and alertness. Experts have also found out that the smart drug has an incredible quality of mood enhancing as well as it can treat an individual struggling with anxiety and depression.

How it starts its action?

As it is a brain enhancer, henceforth, it helps to stay focus and active throughout the time. The medicine works on the wakefulness centre of the neurons in the brain and as a result, increases the mental acuity and mental health. After you consume the medicine the smart drug binds the dopamine transporter that cocaine does .it then blocks the absorption of the dopamine, which helps in increasing the concentration level in the body and the subsequent effects.   

Compared to other smart drugs, Modvigil has very little withdrawal symptoms. But the medication is only prescribed till 12 weeks and not to be taken more than that. The half-life of Modvigil tends to last for eight to ten hours with full effect on an individual.

How to dose?

Before dosing the medicine, it is advisable to take a doctor’s advice and follow the prescription properly. Here is the general guideline as to how you can take the medicine-

•    The recommended dose of the medicine is 200 mg to be taken single day

•    You can take the medicine either early in the morning or at early afternoon, as per as your purpose to be alert and active

•    You can take the pill with food or without food

•    Individuals suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy can take the pill early in the morning

•    And to those who suffer from shift work sleep disorder can intake the pill one hour before work or when they feel the need to be alert

Certain Side- Effects

The most common ill- effects of the pill listed below-

•    Lack of Appetite
•    In certain cases Allergies
•    Headaches
•    Nervousness
•    Nausea